Entrepreneurs give me hope when I need it most

When I talk about politics I am filled with sadness and a sense of near powerlessness to make the world a better place. But when I talk to entrepreneurs, I am filled with hope. Where most of us see problems, they imagine solutions... and solutions that scale.

Here are just some of the companies blowing me away, all local/VVM companies making the world a better place!

  • Immigration
    • www.prosperitycandle.com - Providing fulfilling careers and a first rung on the economic ladder for refugees here and in war torn nations.
  • Health
    • www.newenglandbreath.com - Helping diabetics understand and adapt to their condition through superior, painless blood-glucose testing.
    • ernestpharma.com - Freaking (my words, not theirs) killing tumors with genetically engineered bacteria. No it isn't science fiction!
    • footcarebynurses.net - These traveling nurses make help the elderly stay on their feet and independent.
    • lumme-labs.com/ - Smoking cessation
  • Education
  • Inclusion
  • Environment
    • genoverde.com - Trees that grow much faster. Good for tree farmers. Great for the environment because trees are really good at sucking carbon dioxide out of the air!

I could go on for hours.

These people give me hope. That's why I love helping them. They are creating a brighter future.

Sermon over. :)