The Dilemma Facing Local Nonprofit Leaders

Talk to leaders of nonprofits up and down the Valley, and you hear common themes. Every year the cost to run their organizations go up but the total amount of funding available is stagnant or shrinking. Their top talent is burning out from years of long hours, low pay, few advancement opportunities, and a work environment that is often stagnant and unchanging. It is easy to understand why so many great people leave the sector for jobs at for-profits.

Doing the same things they've done for years (or decades) isn't working anymore.

Organizations that innovate will create the largest impact in the world, attract the best people (who will love their jobs), and secure the most funding. Innovation is not strictly the domain of for-profits. Our own region has given birth to nonprofits that have national and international impact, the PJ Library, Valley Venture Mentors, and Viability to name just a few!

These orgs, at first glance, look similar to many other organizations in our region. The difference is in no small part to their commitment to blast past the status quo, to expect unreasonable things, and to work their tails off to figure out how to completely do things differently. Innovation is not rocket science. Nonprofit leaders already know how to work hard, they just need to work hard on the right things.

About Innovation Accelerator

We help nonprofits build a culture of innovation to increase their impact and financial sustainability. The Accelerator teaches organizations to apply the scientific method to innovation so they can rapidly and cheaply: come up with new ideas, break them into testable hypothesis, and then go out to gather conclusive evidence. Along the way veteran business & nonprofit leaders from a diverse range of sectors mentor the students.