Watching Nonprofit Innovators Adapt at Speed

In the nearly six months this cohort has been together, I have watched the classroom evolve. Students are becoming teachers, they give feedback to each other that is much deeper than, “the images you chose for your presentation are great!” They are diving into each business identifying pain points. They listen intently, provide encouragement, and in some cases, help fellow students pivot their ideas completely.

A recent example of a pivot comes from one student group that arrived with an idea they believed to be in line with their goal of creating sustainability for their organization. However, after presenting to the class several times, gathering customer data (to verify and confirm their idea), and truly taking to heart feedback from other students and guest mentors, they realized the idea was not going to work.

This was a critical point. Most people do the wrong thing. But… Instead of continuing with the bad idea in the hopes a miracle would come, instead of hiding the bad news from their executive director, they had the courage to burn the whole idea to the ground and start fresh! And we literally applauded them for it!

They involved leadership, mixed up their team, and brought a completely new business idea to the course. Within 2 sessions they had evidence that this idea has promise and potential for growth.

The class tells you if your idea is bad faster and cheaper than any other way people have tried. Then you need the courage to redirect your resources to the ideas that can make a difference.

Our hats off to these great innovators. We can’t wait to see how they do graduation :).

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