Innovation Accelerator Trains Mature Nonprofit Organizations with the help of the Beveridge Foundation

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Innovation Accelerator Trains Mature Nonprofit Organizations with the help of the Beveridge Foundation

NORTHAMPTON, MA – 6/18/2019 – Innovation Accelerator, the program that teaches nonprofits how to develop, test, and deploy new mission-aligned, revenue-generating programs, has recently been awarded a grant by the Beveridge Foundation to provide half-off tuition for spots in the 2019-20 classes. Along with this grant comes two strategic partnerships, one with the Human Service Forum (HSF) and the other with the Employers Association of the North East (EANE). Both organizations will help market the fall & spring classes to their members.

Innovation Accelerator teaches organizations to apply the scientific method to innovation so they can rapidly come up with new ideas, break them into testable hypotheses, and then go out to gather conclusive evidence. Along the way, teams are connected to and mentored by veteran business and nonprofit leaders from a diverse range of sectors.

The six-month class contains four steps beginning with an Ideation Workshop that will guide organizations through the steps to generate new mission-aligned ideas. Step two is Market Validation, teaching teams to gather concrete evidence that there are customers who will pay for products invented in the Ideation Workshop. Step three is Funder Ready, where teams get support from mentors to build a business model around ideas, design a pilot product, then prepare a pitch to funders. The final step is graduation where teams present everything learned to a panel of funders and business executives in the region.

“The Beveridge Family Foundation has been proud to support Innovation Accelerator as we work together to assist area nonprofits in finding alternative funding sources for more sustainable and scalable approaches to providing their valuable services to our community,” said Ward S. Caswell, president of the Beveridge Family Foundation.

Innovation Accelerator is accepting applications now for fall classes. For more information visit: