Wahoo! ServiceNet wins grant to develop new, unrestricted revenue stream

ServiceNet is one of our region’s largest and longest-lived nonprofits. Are they resting on their laurels? Heck no! They’ve developed an innovative idea for how to leverage their deep expertise to create an online platform providing mental health service opportunities for people around the country. If successful it could help millions of people and generate substantial unrestricted (aka no-strings-attached) revenue to fuel their core mission.

Kelly and I are thrilled to announce ServiceNet won a grant to be one of the nonprofits participating in our Fall Innovation Accelerator Cohort. Members of the cohort will work together to turn their ideas into actionable plans for pilot programs and develop relationships with potential funders.

Does your nonprofit need new sources of unrestricted revenue? There is still time to get into our Fall Cohort.

These grants made possible thanks to the generous support of several foundations and individuals. Check out our website for more details on our funders!