Our Curriculum

The Innovation Accelerator curriculum is derived from the Lean Launchpad, the leading entrepreneurship curriculum in the world and used by:

  • The National Science Foundation
  • Over 200 colleges and universities focusing on innovation
  • Accelerators and economic development organizations across the world
  • US Department of Defense & State Department
  • The National Institutes for Health

Our founder's adaptation of this curriculum proved pivotal for Valley Venture Mentors being recognized as one of the top 100 programs of its kind in the world. Top graduates of the Massachusetts Manufacturing Accelerator (led by our founder in 2016) each closed $500,000 in new contracts within six months of graduation.

The Scientific Method Applied to Innovation

Our curriculum is an evidence-based innovation methodology using the scientific method. Students propose and immediately test business hypotheses. They get out of the building to talk with prospective customers, partners and others. They use the customer feedback acquired in these interviews to refine their product or service; ensure their product or service meets a customer need or solves a customer problem; and validate that they have created a repeatable, scalable business model. 

The power of the network

No one succeeds alone. Our curriculum puts students in repeated contact with a powerful network of mentors, innovators, and funders to build relationships, gain advice, and secure connections. Along the way students from many different organizations work together building cross-organizational connections & resources. Upon graduation they join the network of hundreds of alumni, who gladly help one another, trained by our founder.