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Innovation Accelerator

Discover your hidden super-powers.

Develop them into sources of unrestricted revenue.

Meet funders & mentors who want to help you succeed.

Paul Silva, keynoting the State of Entrepreneurship in the Pioneer Valley

Paul Silva, keynoting the State of Entrepreneurship in the Pioneer Valley

Innovation Accelerator (IA)'s founder, Paul Silva, has had the privilege and joy to inspire thousands of people to innovate, help hundreds of startups launch, and guide numerous mature organizations to significantly increase their revenues. His alumni have, to date, created nearly one thousand jobs as well as tens of millions of dollars a year in new revenue, investment, and funding. 

Paul also co-founded Valley Venture Mentors, where he developed the curriculum at the heart of our accelerator. That curriculum proved pivotal in Valley Venture Mentors becoming recognized as one of the top 100 programs of its kind in the world.

Our network of foundation directors, angel investors, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, and successful executives kindly advise, support, and sometimes even fund, our students' ventures.

Innovation Accelerator Training Sequence

1. Ideation Workshop

Generate ideas for new ways to earn unrestricted revenue leveraging your organization’s assets, evidence of market demand, all while remaining true to your mission.

Half-day (1-6pm) | $250

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2. Market Validation

Gather concrete evidence that there are real customers who will pay real money for the kind of solution you want to offer. Secure support and advice from funders & mentors for your idea.

Class every 2 weeks for 4 months | $9500*

*Grants available

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3. Funder-Ready

With the help of funders & mentors, build a business model around your idea, design a pilot, and prepare to pitch funders.

Class every 2 weeks for 4 months | $9500*

*Grants available 

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4. Graduation

Pitch your idea to a panel of funders who, if impressed, will provide seed funding

1 day | No additional charge

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