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The Owners’ Dilemma

Are you excellent at your specialty but can’t get enough of that kind of work, forcing you to take lots of much-less profitable work? Is constantly switching between different kinds of work costing you efficiency? Is the cost of sales & marketing driving your margins down?

How It Works

In this short, intensive course you’ll learn how to rapidly identify, vet, and test methods to increase profitability by getting more of the work you’re great at, from customers you already have, and get introduced to new customers without needing extensive marketing. The lead instructor is Paul Silva, who’s alumni have created nearly a thousand jobs as well as tens of millions of dollars a year in new revenue, investment, and funding.


Before founding Innovation Accelerator our lead instructor, Paul Silva, co-founded Valley Venture Mentors (VVM), an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs turn their dreams into scalable businesses. In 2017 The Global Accelerator Network recognized VVM as one of the top 100 programs of its kind in the world.

Paul also leads the River Valley Investors, a network of executives and entrepreneurs who invest in startups and high-growth opportunities.

How to Get Started

Attend the free info session by clicking below... light breakfast included

Info Session (Free)

All Attendees will: 

- Work personally with expert Paul Silva.
- Discuss core concepts of the main course.
- Understand the methodology behind the Lean Sales & Specialization training.
- Walk away with a handful of concrete tools that can be applied immediately.

Time Commitment: 90 minutes

Course (begins 1st week of April)

Time commitment: 4 ½-day sessions meeting every other week, in person, in Springfield.

Tuition: $2000 per student, minimum of 2 students per company.

Note that this course is approved for Workforce Training Grant reimbursement of 50% of the tuition.