These are some of the amazing people who kindly give of their time to Innovation Accelerator students.

Foundation Executives

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Elizabeth Barajas-Roman

ED, Solidago Foundation

Ray Berry

Entrepreneur and former CFO of the United Way

John Bidwell

ED, United Way (Hampshire County)

Ward Caswell

President, Beveridge Family Foundation

Mary Walachy

ED, Davis Foundation

Pierre Joseph

Solidago foundation, government


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Bill Cole

Tech entrepreneur, investor

Marcie Muehlke

Fund manager, social entrepreneur

Randy Krotowski

Retired Fortune-10 Chief Information Officer

Bill Grinnell

Angel investor, business owner

Murdoc Khaleghi

Serial entrepreneur & angel investor

Rick Plaut

Angel investor, entrepreneur, educator

Don Kozera

Retired nonprofit executive, entrepreneur, angel investor

Nancy Urbschat

Business owner, nonprofit board member

Jim Geisman.jpeg

Jim Geisman

Angel investor, tech entrepreneur

Philip Silva

Angel investor, social entrepreneur

Mentors & Guest Speakers

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Akshaya Shanmugam.jpeg

Akshaya Shanmugam

Tech entrepreneur

Jim Stanczak

Angel investor

Meghan Fitzgerald

Social & education entrepreneur

Josh Levy

Social entrepreneur, digital security

Natasha Zena

Journalism entrepreneur

Meghan Fitzgerald Henshon

Marketing & Strategy Professiona

Gary Webster

Entrepreneur, manufacturer

Katie Taccone

Creative economy entrepreneur

Stephen Brand

Educator & nonprofit innovator

Jeremy Casey

Tech & real estate entrepreneur

Kelly Minton

Entrepreneur, development director

Will Colón

Creative economy entrepreneur