Nonprofit Organizations

The problem

Leading a nonprofit isn't easy...

  • The amount of funding available from grants, donations, and government contracts is flat or falling.
  • Competition for that funding isn't going away.
  • The costs to run your organization go up every year: health insurance, rent, utilities, compliance with funder requests...
  • If that isn't bad enough, you've spent years shaving down your costs, working longer hours, and asking more and more of your team... and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

It isn't sustainable. Something. Has. To. Change.

    Hidden Gems

    You've developed internal innovations that allow you to fulfill your mission. You believe some of those innovations are dramatically better than what many organizations, companies, and/or consumers use every day. Because of your funding constraints, you can’t bring these innovations to the forefront. If you could be paid to provide those innovations to the world, you would... 

    • Further your mission as more and more groups use your systems to make the world a better place.
    • Earn unrestricted revenue to bolster your own financial sustainability. 

    But who would pay? How would you find them? Would they pay enough to make it worthwhile? Will it further your mission or distract you?

    Our Solution

    The Lean Innovation Institute (LI2) trains nonprofit leaders to discover, assess, and deploy internal innovations that create new sources of unrestricted revenue while furthering their mission. 

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